Glaswegian currently living in Toronto. 23.

I enjoying colouring in; Blink-182 more than is healthy; spending all my money on deli food, expensive pencils, hot beverages & an extensive lingerie collection; my boyfriend; post-hardcore; being too chatty; tattoo culture; Harry Potter; hating on everyone and Mexican food.

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Basement // Comfort

Pick me up,
Put me on your shoulders.
Sing to me,
To help me get to sleep.
The picture frame,
Has seen far better days,
But on the wall it’s going to stay.



Expensive Stains and Poor Stains, 2011

Mixed media on paper, 30 x 22 1/4 inches each


Autonomous Machines by Echo Yang 

"The current popularity of generative design processes in which designers use algorithms to create a variety of different outcomes, instead of focussing on one, definitive result is closely linked to the use of digital design tools. This development has changed our perception of design as the creation of the single author. What could happen when the approach fostered by digital generative designers would be applied to an analogue world? A world in which obsolete machines like hand-powered alarm clocks, walkman and mechanical toys take centre stage?

My experiments in this domain of obsolete machines reveal their internal algorithms. Instead of creating these algorithms, I simply adopt and then visualize them.” 

here’s a video of the Tin-Toy Chicken experiment. More videos as well as the complete series here.

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David Woodward.


I love all the things in this and I was going to reblog it anyway before I realised thee was a sneaky penis in there obviously now it’s even better.


Lee pond

so much feels


do you ever

This is me every single day. My brain has been empty for ever.

Um so I went to #toucheamore tonight and it was a magical time but I wore my hair in a ponytail. Look at this shit. Seriously photos are not doing it justice. @lisacatterson help me what do I do you’re an expert

I intended to draw all night but instead cleaned the house and spent too much time online looking for store flyers. Then I drew my shopping list. #sketch #food #stuff #sausagenotpenis #maybe


Colorful Stairs, Tehran, Iran


1 week from today.

Can’t fucking wait for Monday. I haven’t seen Touché Amoré in almost 2 years I think. Since Stereo in Glasgow whenever that was. I hope the merch is sucky so I dont hate myself for having no money.