Glaswegian currently living in Toronto. 23.

I enjoying colouring in; Blink-182 more than is healthy; spending all my money on deli food, expensive pencils, hot beverages & an extensive lingerie collection; my boyfriend; post-hardcore; being too chatty; tattoo culture; Harry Potter; hating on everyone and Mexican food.

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Day 05 of 50 Day Drawing Challenge.

Draw your favourite animal or if you have a pet, Draw Your Pet.

A FOX. I love foxes. I cant find a photo of the actual drawing close up, its on my phone I believe which is downstairs. I should stop cheating and actually do some drawing for this but Im tooooo busy lo siento. This is coloured pencil on brown paper, took about an hour and a half? RIP wrist piercings also wah.

Anyway aye thats me up to date so Im gonna go do some work and stop spamming. If there is anything, literally anything, that one would like to ask me please do so in my ask ‘cause It’s for a project in art school. fanx x