Glaswegian currently living in Toronto. 23.

I enjoying colouring in; Blink-182 more than is healthy; spending all my money on deli food, expensive pencils, hot beverages & an extensive lingerie collection; my boyfriend; post-hardcore; being too chatty; tattoo culture; Harry Potter; hating on everyone and Mexican food.

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I dunno how this is gonna come out on my blog, hopefully not in one big long line cause I hate that but anywayyyyy I need your help guyz. I want to submit something to the new Out of Step project which has just been announced. The theme is skullls/skeletons so obviously I’m interested. I feel so terrible I’ve done nothing new in so long but right now I don’t have the time. Which piece should I submit? Keep in mind I can also make something new for the submission, and that the images I submit will be a lot better than this mental scan/instagram ones. Which one is your favourite? Answer below or in my ask box?

Finally finished this today. I’ve been making it for literally months but I have zero free time these days. Apologies. In total about 10 hours I think, sketching pencil. #art #drawing #illustration #realism #skull #anatomy #pencil

June 2013. Gifted to Piew Choquette :)

Finished this wee guy ages ago but I couldn’t upload it until it was gifted to @logieeb :) 

So many things. #drawing #collaborationfun #pattern

Finished this wee guy ages ago but I couldn’t upload it until it was gifted to @logieeb :) #sketching #pencil approx 5 hours.#art #drawing #illustration #skull #realism

This is what I’ve been up to on my day off. Also not pictured is too much coffee and a Skype call lasting 2 hours with my mum trying to explain how to work a kindle. Wah. Anyway I’m only doing one WIP of this as its for a present, il post the finished drawing once it’s been given away. #art #drawing #illustration #skull #wip #takingbacksunday #imstill13 #youknowhowIdo

It’s free shipping on my society6 page right now, so if you want a print now is the time. They’re super cheap, and I only make $2 on the cheapest one, so this is mainly for your benefit and not mine haha. BUY ALL THE THINGS THANKS.

Finished :) gonna have to cut It out and mount it so the edges aren’t so funky. #art #illustration #drawing #tiger #realism #realistic #pencil #chalk #prismacolor #animals

This is the last #wip I’m gonna post before the finished drawing. It’s taking forever since I can only do it for an hour or whatever here and there. Hopefully il finish it today after this horribly early shift. #tiger #drawing #illustration #pencil #chalk #realism

Been working on this for about 6 hours but I’m enjoying it so it’s fine. I’ve done all the easiest bits, the chin and outside of the face is all white and grey which is just gonna be a mare to do. We’ll see how it turns out.

Swan pal. The circle looks mad warped but it’s not okkkk. #swan #drawing #rose #sketch

Wee skull study I finished yesterday. #art #drawing #illustration #skull #sketch

Done :) #sketching #pencil on a3 paper. Approximately 15 hours. I’m not making prints of this because its a present for my Mammy for her birthday but there are other flower drawings on my society6 page if you want one. #illustration #drawing #art #roses #realism #realistic #study

Yknow when you see something and youre like OH MY GOD IM GONNA DRAW IT. IM GONNA DO IT AHHHHH I CANT WAIT. Thats me right now.