Glaswegian currently living in Toronto. 23.

I enjoying colouring in; Blink-182 more than is healthy; spending all my money on deli food, expensive pencils, hot beverages & an extensive lingerie collection; my boyfriend; post-hardcore; being too chatty; tattoo culture; Harry Potter; hating on everyone and Mexican food.

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Sharks and Danger


Alexisonfire // Sharks and Danger

And…uh..I’ll never sleep.

Um so I went to #toucheamore tonight and it was a magical time but I wore my hair in a ponytail. Look at this shit. Seriously photos are not doing it justice. @lisacatterson help me what do I do you’re an expert

I intended to draw all night but instead cleaned the house and spent too much time online looking for store flyers. Then I drew my shopping list. #sketch #food #stuff #sausagenotpenis #maybe


1 week from today.

Can’t fucking wait for Monday. I haven’t seen Touché Amoré in almost 2 years I think. Since Stereo in Glasgow whenever that was. I hope the merch is sucky so I dont hate myself for having no money. 



A headache so strong you can sense Lord Voldemort.

Me everyday recently. I used to get headaches every day a few years back. They’re definitely returning to what they used to be. So bad that at some point every day I feel like my brain is gonna squeeze out through my eyeball. I’d prefer that than Voldemort coming out my turban but yknow.

Lucky I only had like an hour worth of work to do on this, my back is killing already but hey. It’s done. #watercolour #paint on #Arches paper. #rose #realism #nature #flowers #toomanytags

Sunday not-so-funday

Sorry not sorry

Rebloggin’ rampage there soz. Its January and retail so I got sent home from work after 7-12 so heyyy life how you doing. I should do something productive but nah probs not. PAINT OK. We should all paint. 

This is my favourite photoset of them ever. I have them on my wardrobe at home, pulled out of the original Kerrang! issue, wah. (L) 


most common thought: damn haha im going to have to deal with that sooner or later

meeee lalalala right now/today/forever

The light sensitivity on my macbook is giving me cheekbones sharp enough to kill a man. Hey.

WE’RE GOING TO IKEA #irrelevantinfonotconnectedtoselfies #reallytho #ikea #billybookcases #allofthem


Found a lost memory card, and this photo was on it. I’m so fucking freckley and it wasn’t even summertime.

Going through your own archive is weird. I wore that sweater yesterday and I still love it, my ears are so wee here its weird, and I barely have freckles anymore. ODD.

happy new year for all you lovelies, from me, combined with a ginger eyebrow pencil and so much new makeup.