Glaswegian currently living in Toronto. 23.

I enjoying colouring in; Blink-182 more than is healthy; spending all my money on deli food, expensive pencils, hot beverages & an extensive lingerie collection; my boyfriend; post-hardcore; being too chatty; tattoo culture; Harry Potter; hating on everyone and Mexican food.

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Just wanted to do a wee text post

and inform everyone that I Won’t (Wouln’t? Idunno) Be Home For Christmas is on the Christmas playlist at work and I nearly had a fucking heart attack yesterday with joy. BLINK. AT WORK. BLINK AT WORK. Go visit your local H&M and sing along with happiness. Also maybe come visit my one and we can duet or sutin.

Dunno what you guys were up to tonight but #alexisonfire #cancerbats #pneumoniahawk #YEAH #canada #crycry #theonlybandever

Packing for a thanksgiving weekend away. Got all this so far and clearly there will be no room for clothes. #essentials #thanksgiving #YEAH (Taken with Instagram)

Train time. I am dying with the cold and I was a snot covered ball of deliciousness at my graduation last night. ALSO my dress fucking ripped before I’d even got in the hall. Livid. I’m going to Blink with a bottle of water, cold and flu tablets and £10 to my name. Interesting #tourtime #YEAH #birmingham #travel #blink182 (Taken with Instagram)

#degreeshow #YEAH #jewellery #gsa #glasgowschoolofart #taxidermy #birds #handmade (Taken with instagram)

#thanksgiving #crafts #YEAH!!! (Taken with instagram)

Bed studio. I advise everyone to do this it’s super. I’ve got my ipod on, phone plugged in, 2 boxes of cereal, what is now an empty bowl. Cup of coffee, cafetiere all opposite me. Laptop plugged in on a stool so It’s at typing height. Hunners of paper, 2 boxes of pencils, camera and sketchbook in bed. Dressing gown and slippers and duvets and pillows. I will probably die here.

I have liked 1082 posts.

This makes me overly happy.

Today I got double bacon on my cheeseburger at the BK lounge cause i had to wait for so long to get served. And my Leeds ticket arrived. Look at all my Blink tickets being friends in a row. Yes.

The only drawing I have ever done of a person that is actually decent. And everyone I know will back me on that one. I suck big time. George Pettit (L), pencil on brown paper. 1 hour.

PS. I will definitely do this again. I fucked up the left eye so bad that theres almost a hole in the paper. Didnt want to risk it and leave georgey boy with only one eyeball.